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The newly opened Mondrian London, the first ever Mondrian branded boutique hotel outside of the United States will be carrying drinkwel sachets in all of their hotel room mini bars.  Our drinkwel sachets will be included in a handy “hangover kit“, packed full of goodies to help Mondrian guests revive themselves and recover after a heavy night of overindulging.  This hotel will bring the energy of the original Hollywood hotel to the iconic Sea Containers building, located on London’s revitalized South Bank.  With a combination of unique riverside views, two exciting new bars, a restaurant and a bustling urban vibe reflecting the local neighborhood, Mondrian is set to become London’s new destination.


With a 5 stars customer review rating drinkwel is now available for purchase on Amazon UK Prime!

I get the worst hangovers every time I drink where the next day is a total wipeout, even after 4 or 5 beers. I was desperate to find a cure for this or just stop drinking. I heard about Drinkwel on a podcast and then had a look at the many 5 star reviews Amazon and practically every review said this stuff really works. I’ve only used them 3 times thus far but every time I’ve taken them after a night on the sauce, I’ve felt great the next day (including today). All I can say is that this stuff really works.

Now Magazine_drinkwel coverage

Drinkwel was featured in the UK publication of Now Magazine, featuring the latest in celebrity news, gossip and pictures.

It’s over for the hangover, with these wonder products.  Drinkwel a multivitamin that supports liver function, replenishes nutrients and helps your body process alcohol.


The London based news source Metro recently featured Drinkwel in their “Life & Style” section as a healthy hangover cure.  Below is a snippet from the featured article “Why most of us are probably drinking too much for our health”.

Hangover cures: Which ones work?

Alcohol Concern say around 200,000 people come to work with a hangover every day. So we’ve tested the latest hangover cures to stop you reaching for a hair of the dog.  The premise of DrinkWel tablets is simple. Dubbed the world’s first multivitamin for drinkers, it a combination of ingredients to replenish nutrients, support healthy liver function, and help your body process alcohol-induced toxins.  All you need to do is to take three capsules with water before going to bed and while that might sound on the excessive side, the benefits are worthwhile.  Despite being slightly dubious, I definitely noticed a difference the following day.  The feeling of dehydration that often comes along with an evening of overindulgence was noticeably absent and my mind felt clear and fresh.The only thing worth noting is that it is that it had a positive impact based on me consuming three large glasses of wine.  Whether it would be as effective if I had had more remains to be seen.  – Naomi Mdudu.

You can read the full Metro article online here.