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Best Hangover Cure a women’s health, beauty, relationships, TV, food & drink and general lifestyle website with a readership of 558,000 recently featured the Drinkwel pill as one of the best products to prevent a hangover.  As discussed in the feature, Drinkwel contains all the antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids your body needs to prevent a mean hangover!

The feature goes on to discussing what sets Drinkwel apart from all the other hangover products; “While other products may only include certain hangover prevention nutrients, Drinkwel is a multivitamin that has it all.”  The Drinkwel pill is meant as a daily “multivitamin for people who drink,” but we think it sounds like a good, natural multivitamin for any lifestyle!

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Red Online, top beauty and fashion magazine, recently released a feature investigating various hangover cures for a big night out with friends. Red’s deputy chief editor sub, Terry Barbrook, put drinkwel to the ultimate test, having 10 pints(plus 3 shots). After that colossal night out, Terry rated the severity of his hangover a 1 out 5…..noting the preventative benefits of drinkwel. Despite his worst fears of hanger, he was able to run his normal Sunday errands at nearly full strength. Cheers to you Terry for trialling the product and giving a full go of it!

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If you’ve got a heavy festive season, make sure to try some drinkwel.