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We all know there is nothing worse than that feeling of being hungover at work!  The London Evening Standard recently featured Drinkwel as a helpful cure to get you through the dreadful hangover and back to having a productive day at work.

Excerpt from the London Evening Standard article:

Wash it Down

“There are also supplements available for “healthy people who drink”. Drinkwel is £39.99 for a month’s supply (you’ve got to commit to a month of partying) with 33 ingredients and a claim that replacing depleted minerals and vitamins will help. If all else fails, our cocktail columnist Richard Godwin suggests his (patented) Sun and Moon cure – Berocca and Alka Seltzer XS in the same glass. Caffeinated paracetamol is also popular, washed down with sugary full-fat Coca-Cola.

I could end by advising you not to go over your recommended alcohol units for the week but actually, if you’ve made it through the day, you deserve a drink.”



Best Hangover Cure a women’s health, beauty, relationships, TV, food & drink and general lifestyle website with a readership of 558,000 recently featured the Drinkwel pill as one of the best products to prevent a hangover.  As discussed in the feature, Drinkwel contains all the antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids your body needs to prevent a mean hangover!

The feature goes on to discussing what sets Drinkwel apart from all the other hangover products; “While other products may only include certain hangover prevention nutrients, Drinkwel is a multivitamin that has it all.”  The Drinkwel pill is meant as a daily “multivitamin for people who drink,” but we think it sounds like a good, natural multivitamin for any lifestyle!

drinkwel in the Sun


The Sun, the UK’s largest newspaper, recently released a feature investigating various remedies for the festive drinking season. Expert, Jane Scrivner, author of “The Quick-fix Hangover Detox: 99 Ways To Feel 100 Times Better” rates drinkwel a 9 out of 10 for best hangover fix!

If you are a Sun online member please use the link below to find the online article!

Jane looks at several potential remedies for a heavy night out, rating each on a 1-10 scale. Some of which include; Sprite, Bloody Marys, Cactus, Beet Active, Dioralyte, Nurofen & of course drinkwel. drinkwel was the highest on the scale with a 9 out 10 score!

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